Leeder House & Co May eNewsletter

Holla 👋🏻

This last month has been a rollercoaster of information, stress and emotions. But we are so excited to announce that the LH team are transitioning back into our Leedy office space. 🕺🏻 Of course we are abiding by rules and restrictions and have set a rotating roster between the Leeder House members. 👏🏻

On a side note - does anyone else feel like we've had public holiday after public holiday? Talk about having plenty of free time in isolation... there's been a lot of self-reflecting going on. 🙏🏻

We hope you've all been keeping safe and well during this time and we are very much looking forward to having a vino together very soon. 🍷



As we slowly get back to the daily office grind, we have a few things to celebrate and be grateful for. 💖



The entire LH crew are in full work swing and smashing their goals 😍




The brains behind LH, Rhianna, celebrates her birthday this month as well as our gorgeous residents Danielle and Bailee 😍 Happy birthday to you all 🥂




All our residents, their families and friends have remained healthy and safe during this time and we hope you all have too.  🙌🏻

















We have one, 2-3 person office available 🙀

Sadly we farewelled a business at Leeder House last month due to COVID-19 impacts, and boy will they be a hard team to replace! BUT - the prospect of bringing in another fabulous business is the motivation to get us through! 👏🏻

With a great location, member benefits and a great business support training calendar (and of course a stella social calendar too 🥂,) this is the office space you want to be working from! 🕺🏻

★ Join four other friendly, brilliant and diverse businesses

Furnished offices

★ High speed internet and WiFi (NBN)

★ Meeting room use

★ Tea, coffee and filtered water

★Use of physical office address

★ All amenities included

★ All Leeder House & Co member benefits are included





Survive then thrive
It's been a trying few months but it's so important we all have a contingency plan in place. Survive now, and then thrive because let me tell you - we are all coming out of this the other side. Read on. 









Bounce Back Perth
Bounce Back Australia was created by Minuteman Press to offer two free services to help support all of our neighbouring businesses. First, they are providing COVID-19 awareness and prevention posters at no charge to any business in their service area. Second, they are providing free local advertising on their site Bounce Back Perth to stimulate business and help all of our neighbours overcome the tremendous economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
See info!

We hope you're staying sane and please keep reminding yourself that we are all in the same position and are here to support one another.

We look forward to seeing you all soon, and remember - we are all doing the best we can 💖

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Written by Marketing Executive Abbey Ross at Harby Studios.

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