Survive and thrive

This year my motto was “thrive, don’t survive”.

But now, with the dreaded C-word here (I don’t even like saying it as it’s been talked about so much… coronavirus) the economy is tumbling and with the turbulent times ahead I’ve adjusted my perspective - it’s now survive, then thrive.

Every day for the next 6 -12 months is going to be stressful in more ways than one... but I’m okay with this as I am feeling prepared and armoured for battle. I’m doing everything I can to protect my business, my staff, my income, my family and my community of clients and suppliers. I’m talking and checking in on everyone as much as possible as we’re all in this together.

Almost every morning for the last few months, my three-year-old runs in while I’m getting ready and closes the door whilst saying “there’s a lion coming! I’ll save you mummy”. Bless his cotton socks, and of course I play along. But he’s been telling me for weeks and I wish I’d had the insight to listen… as the lion is here.

We will get through this year, but jeez it’s a complete unexpected turn. I had a plan in place to make 2020 the year to thrive, and I have been so damn excited about taking on this challenge.

My team has been working harder and smarter than ever before in both businesses, Harby Studios and Leeder House & Co, and the results were just starting to show. And then bam! Smash this in your face for a challenge.

However, the plan is still in place, I’m just changing the pathway and being realistic that it may now take 24+ months instead of 12 months.

*On a side note, whilst reviewing your business finances, do your personal finances too. Thank gosh my husband and I had made a few decisions late last year on making life easier for ourselves when our second baby was born (just 10mths ago!) as it felt like we were running on the daily grind hamster wheel and we didn’t want to live like that.  It meant we re-prioritised and forecasted our ideal future life and most importantly our savings for a more simple and easier lifestyle. Do this now if you can, at least you’ve then reviewed it and made some sort of a plan.

The current economic roller coaster we’re all on could have instantly destroyed what we have now if we not done this already. So as of today, it’s my duty to be proactive, tighten the reigns, be innovative and do everything in between whilst being a little ray of sunshine for others. And if our team can take anything from this bleak outlook and spin it on its head, we will.

We are doing it not only for our own business but for our client’s businesses, as the people we work with are some of the best we know and it’s a pleasure working with them day in and out. Good people attract good people - and we’re not going anywhere.

Hang in there, we’re in for the ride of our lives and it’s going to get rough, but we will make it through. Feel the wind in your hair, take a breath of fresh air and we’ll see you on the other side.


Written by Managing Director Rhianna Harby at Harby Studios.

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