Why you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant

It’s no secret as business owners, we have an endless number of tasks, and not enough time to complete them in a day.

Not to mention adding on managing staff, accounts and everything else that comes with owning a successful business.

If you’re finding your time isn’t being utilised where it should be, and your office management tasks are consuming most of your important time – perhaps it’s time to think outside the box and get some professional help in!

Our Virtual Assistant services could be the solution you’re looking for!


Offering a range of services to help support you, your team and your business, our Virtual Assistants can provide;


  • Office and administration support
  • Personal assistant support
  • Personal errands
  • Customer support
  • Online research
  • Travel research and coordination
  • Transcription
  • Social tasks (restaurant/ticket bookings etc)
  • Blog writing
  • Data management
  • Creating presentations and graphical content
  • Desktop publishing (flyers, marketing materials, etc.)
  • Proof reading and editing
  • Event organisation and management
  • Customer relationship Management


There are eight reasons why you should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant:


  1. You can save time and money – and spend time on the things that make you more money!
  2. With a reduced workload, means a reduced stress load! You’ll have confidence in us to fulfil all the administrative tasks that you simply don’t have time for – or don’t want to be doing.
  3. As a virtual assistant, we aren’t your direct employee – we’re contractors. This significantly minimises the initial and ongoing costs and personell management associated with hiring a new employee.
  4. You only pay for the time actually spent on the allocated tasks.
  5. You decide what budget you want to spend, and we will stick to it.
  6. A virtual assistant works remotely using their own hardware and software – hello reduced overheads!
  7. Your virtual assistant is with you wherever you are!
  8. There is no task too big or too small for us to complete!


The best part of a virtual assistant, especially a Leeder House & Co one, means you get an entire team of professionals ready to step in and assist when you need us to.


Contact us to find out more or we can jump straight in with our first task!


Written by Marketing Assistant Izabela Kulbacka at Harby Studios.

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