Why you need a virtual office

Are you a freelancer or independent contractor who doesn’t have an office and generally works from home, are you listing your residential address as your commercial address? Although you’re most likely saving money by not leasing an office, you could be doing yourself, and your business, an injustice by not having a professional business address.

Firstly, you might want to know what a virtual office is and if it’s the right avenue for you and your business. A virtual office allows a business to benefit from all the advantages of a physical office, without having to be responsible for (and pay!) a commercial premise lease or pay all the associated costs and overheads.

Listing your personal residential address as your business address can cause privacy and security concerns. Never publicly list your personal residential address, for example on your website or social media accounts. If you do, it makes it very easy for scammers or unsavoury people to use it – or even pay you unexpected and unwanted visits. Safety is your number one priority.

The next (and maybe biggest) obvious benefit, as mentioned above, is you don’t get locked in to long term leases nor do you have to pay the full amount of a property lease and all the associated bills and costs… enough said!

Holding a business address in a commercial area can also be the difference between gaining or losing a client. Why? Because a good business address builds credibility from a consumer’s perspective and adds a degree of professionalism.

Lastly, as with all property, remember location, location, location! How do you want your business and brand to be presented? Select a virtual office located in a suburb or area that suits the “look and style” you’re trying to achieve for your business. Even think about the types of businesses you want to work with and their general locations. Again, your potential customers decision to contact and engage with you can be influenced by the perceived business location you list.

Depending on the type virtual office you decide to go with, you may also have access to a multitude of other benefits and discounts such mail service, virtual assistant services, co-working and meeting room hire. These are all offered at Leeder House & Co and a number of other virtual office premises.

If you’re ready to make the virtual move and want to know more all you need to do is get in touch with us to register. Once registered, you can start using the trendy Leeder House & Co address in Leederville (Perth, Western Australia) as your business’ official location. We bill you monthly, and you can continue to work safely from the comfort of your home or your favourite coffee shop – or stop by and work from one of our coworking desks!

 With Leeder House & Co’s virtual office services you receive a range of benefits including;

  • A professional business address in a trendy WA location
  • Notifications when mail arrives
  • Access to our meeting room at a discounted rate
  • Coworking desks at a discounted rate
  • Mail forwarding available (at an additional cost)
  • Virtual Assistant available (at an additional cost)

A virtual office is a very cost-effective way to place your business in the best possible position for success, and you only pay for what you need. Register your interest here.



Written by Marketing Coordinator Abbey Ross at Harby Studios

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