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Autumn here we are 🍁

We're not sure about you but we are soooo ready for this humidity to be over 🥵 and, what about these bizarre storms...talk about wild weather, mother nature is all over the shop! Hopefully, you've managed to stay safe and dry!

The start of 2020 is flying by and March is officially here. Our office has been buzzing with people and it's been heads down and go, go, go for the team with an influx of work, projects and bookings.

Taking time out from the hectic work schedule, and given the tragic summer of 2020 with the Australian bushfire crisis, we've been thinking of ways to help bushfire recovery efforts from our side of the nation. A few residents spent their weekends cutting and sewing various pouches for kangaroos, koalas and wallabies... sore hands and 20 pouches later - well done team! And if you haven't already heard about it - check out @spendwiththem on Instagram and Facebook who are helping rebuild towns and businesses affected by bushfires #amazingwork. But we still want to do more - so keep on reading.👇

We're setting you a challenge to do something positive for the environment! Yes you! How? you may ask... by planting a tree this month to help reduce air pollution. Although a small act, every little bit counts. Are you up for it?! Take a pic and tag @leederhouse on social so we can give you a round of applause (and a share!). 👏 #gogreen

There is also a very exciting announcement to be made... our private offices are fully booked! 😍🥂 Last week we welcomed the administrative team from F45 Leederville and what an awesome bunch they are to have in the building!

We love the diversity of businesses in our offices - it generates great conversations, diverse ideas and insights, and an enormous bandwidth of knowledge to share.

On that note, see ya later Summer. Autumn you better be good to us (and the nation!)!  😅


March bookings are filling up fast!

Have clients to meet but need a professional setting? (Coffee shops are great but sometimes not appropriate)... or do your office walls have ears... we've heard that so many times this year! 😬

✚ Comfortable 8 seater space
✚ Reverse cycle air-conditioning
✚ High-speed WiFi (We're now on NBN!)
✚ 50-inch LCD tv with HDMI and Apple tv connection
✚ Phone and video conferencing facilities
✚ Tea, coffee and filtered water
✚ Hourly, half-day and full-day rates available




March is all about celebrations for everyone in Leeder House and boy do we have a few milestones to be festive about! 😍 👏🏻














We've done it! With some moving and shaking, we've extended our space and will have an extra two-person office available as of mid-March to allow another vibrant business to move on in.

With five other diverse and friendly businesses in the space, if you join the Leeder House fold, you'll have endless opportunities to meet, work and socialise with our other talented and innovative business teams.  ♡

Included in your booking:

★ Furnished offices
★ High-speed internet and WiFi (Our NBN is insanely good!!)
★ Reverse-cycle air-conditioning
★ Meeting room use
★ Tea, coffee and filtered water
★ Use of physical office address
★ All amenities and weekly clean
★ All Leeder House & Co member benefits are included
★ Artwork to style it your way (or bring your own - we're super flexi!)







Virtual Office Resident Red Mark Marketing 

are all about standing out and being noticed. Red Mark will work with you towards your business' growth, exposing your brand and communicating the benefits of your brand.






Greening your business

Ready to step it up a notch and make your business a little more environmentally friendly? To get you started, our managing director shares her top tips on creating a more sustainable business. Read on!





Take a moment today to enjoy the end of summery days, and thank our lucky stars we live in such an amazing country, and safe state.

Good luck going green - we are off to plant our trees 🌲#gogreen
Sending you all love,



Written by Marketing Executive Abbey Ross at Harby Studios.


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