How COVID-19 is transforming business operations in Australia

Just sharing a different perspective as a thought for the day instead of the negative ones around us on the media.

We are now moving into a massive transformation in Australian working culture. Finally the push where employers will have to adopt remote working, video conferencing, online team meetings, online personal development and training.

We all need to be thinking, what can we do to embrace this, capitalise on it and take a giant leap forward.

This transformational wave is being forced upon us but can we really see it disappearing after the wave of the next few months has passed?

People will have discovered virtual working, discovered they can survive without so many people at desks, they can use new technology and new ways of working.

Without doubt this is a work and cultural revolution that will have enormous impacts on our ways of life and work culture.

Be prepared that only the absolute minimum necessary will end up back at a desk. The administrators and controllers will have had to step back and allow people to be trusted and work independently. Those people in services such as health will have been allowed to get on with the job!

Leaders will have had change forced on them and despite the resistance will quickly realise that it works. They will change to managing outcomes and some resistors will even find they like this way of leading.


People will realise:

  • There is an alternative to sitting in traffic every morning and night 
  • That life is not too bad when you can be at home 
  • That people can deliver important face to face services like healthcare without so many reports or administrators
  • That people can see more of the family 


So all in all,  yes COVID 19 is all those bad things, but hopefully people will not get too sick, workers who might lose their jobs don’t and are picked up by booming transformed sectors. The times ahead will be tough, we are going to feel threatened but we will endure.

Sure as the sun rises, we will emerge in 3-6  months a dramatically changed place, where people have a better balance, we have had time to get to know our families again and we will have had time to lean on the fence and talk to neighbours.

Now we cannot change it, so let’s do our best to embrace the change, encourage virtual working, move to outcome based delivery and emerge from this with much better balanced lives, less hassle of travelling in a rush hour, workers who can be trusted to deliver, more efficient businesses that encourage home working where possible and less paperwork or having to see someone at a desk.

Can we rise and overcome time truly embrace the benefits?



Written by Operations Lead Chris Morrison at Core Business Australia


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