A paperless office: Why you should aim for it

Making the transition to a paperless office is not only a progressive and important environmental practice, but it also contributes to better, more efficient business operations.

Here at Leeder House and Co., we are making an ongoing effort to eliminate the use of paper in our offices. Here are five simple reasons why you should go paperless.

Time saver ⏳

You won’t need to physically sort through and file documents. With technology advancing, algorithms, computer filing, and search engines do all the hard work for you.

Ability to work remotely 👩🏼‍💻

This is a huge one in the current state of the world. Going paperless takes remote collaboration to the next level. No need to cart around documents, you can access them all on your computer, no matter your location!

Saves money and space 💸

Because who wants a big pile of paper on their desk? Don’t know about you, but clutter is our worst enemy! Whether you outsource or print and copy in the house, everything adds up, making the use of paper in your office a costly and inefficient business practice. Also, to make the argument even more compelling, let’s not forget about the money and space you’ll save ditching filing cabinets.

Increased security 🔐

There’s no denying the fact that digital records have safety features and added protection that physical documents don’t. Electronic documents can be encrypted, backed up, filed, and stored securely. According to Data Breach Today, [EMBED LINK] “23% of major data breaches, and 61% of smaller breaches, involve paper.” Go paperless and reduce the risk of documents being misplaced, mislabelled, stolen, or tampered with.

Reduce negative environmental impacts ♻️

Although paper is one of the most recycled products globally, going paperless is going to have some major positive impacts on the environment. Reducing the use of paper not only saves trees but also conserves energy used in converting those trees into paper and then transporting the product. Not to mention reducing chemicals and saving water that is used in production.

Make the switch today, because after all, a piece of paper isn’t going to ding at you as a reminder to get something done!

Written by Marketing Coordinator Nelly Van at Harby Studios.

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