Thinking about joining a coworking space? Here’s what you need to know

Coworking is where small businesses and self-employed people use an office typically shared by other individuals and businesses.

Coworking spaces allows people to work in a collaborative environment with other entrepreneurs and enables individuals to be more productive in their work day.

If you’re considering joining a coworking space, we recommend you consider the below before you start booking appointments to view your preferred premises.

Do you require privacy or confidentiality?

Does your business require lengthy phone calls and/or meetings with clients that need to remain confidential? If so, something to consider with a coworking space is that it is a shared environment. There is likely to be multiple people in the space that you are in. So, if you need privacy, perhaps hiring out a private office is the better option, which many coworking spaces provide.

What does the space provide?

If you are planning on joining a coworking space, it is important to consider what your needs are to run a successful business, and what is included in the base cost of the space you’re considering. Do you need internet access, a kitchen, a meeting room space, a lockable office, heating, ect? It is important you find out that the space you are entering has everything you need otherwise it is a waste of your time and resources.

What is your businesses growth expectation?

Are you expecting your business will grow from one employee to ten in a short period of time? It’s important you think about this before locking in any space. Most coworking environments don’t have the room to accommodate largely staffed businesses so if you are planning on expanding in a short period of time, perhaps a private office is the better option.

Location is key

This is an important one. Is your space easily accessible by public transport, are there parking options? Is the area surrounded by food and drink places? All of this is important to consider when choosing your space.

Cost of the space

If you are looking for a space for a day, part time, or full time, you should be looking at the prices offered and compare to other locations. However, just because a space is cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right choice. Look at amenities provided, the location, the space size and anything else that could be the difference between a great working environment, to a negative work environment.

The interior design

Although work is work, you want to enjoy the environment you are in. If you choose a space that is messy, the other co-workers leave dirty dishes in the kitchen, it has a cold draft to it, chances are you are not going to go into the space as much as you would have liked. Before locking down a space, request a tour first. Meet the other permanent residents to see if you can see yourself working alongside them every day.

Is the coworking space flexible

If you are looking at having a more permanent coworking space, you want to know how flexible the office environment will be for you. Do you need early morning, or late afternoon access? If so, enquire about whether this will be possible otherwise your business might not be able to run as smoothly as you desire.



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Written by Marketing Coordinator Abbey Ross at Harby Studios

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