Surviving the Coronavirus craziness

The last few weeks (AND DAYS) has gotten incredibly crazy regarding the coronavirus.

There is a huge sense of panic amongst the community, driving them to stock up at local supermarkets and even follow food delivery trucks and steal the items delivered… #crazy!

Although some reactions are seemingly a bit extreme (the toilet paper crisis… come on!) I fully understand the anxious feelings instilled in the public. I myself am feeling it, and am guilty of buying tinned spaghetti… in bulk.

I think it’s important to keep calm in this time of crisis and think of ways we can work together to ensure we are all fully prepared for what may be coming.

Working out of a shared office space, we see a high level of foot traffic with freelancers and small business owners popping in each and every day. Therefore, it has never been more important to keep our office residents as healthy as possible!

Here are our tips to help you survive the coronavirus craziness:

1. Stock up on supplies - but not too much!

Although toilet paper may seem like a necessity, we can live without it. It’s important to consider what we’d really need if forced to stay at home. If you have little bubbas, do you have enough nappies and baby formula? What about pet food for your furry friends?

I myself have declared that if I am forced to stay at home for a period of time, a must have for me is having long-life milk. Not only so caffeine can keep me sane (bringing me to – make sure you have coffee!!), as well as having a long supply of cereal for breakfast (and lunch and dinner – cereal all round). I have also bought health soups (from a tin mmm….) because the ultimate advice when people are sick is…? Boost your immune system by filling your body with healthy sources of food. Even though it’s canned – it’s better than eating chocolate all day.


2. Increase office cleaning practices

Working in a coworking space, we have pretty strict cleaning guidelines. We have a weekly office clean and ensure that the offices are always cleaned with the upmost care. Now more than ever though, we are ensuring we have plenty of hand sanitiser (when we can access it) and ensuring everything is disinfected properly.


3. Discourage handshaking

We are also encouraging the decrease in human contact between residents, clients and anyone else who may be in our offices. Although it may seem impolite, it’s important to limit the amount of contact between each other so we don’t spread unwanted germs unintentionally.

4. Ask sick employees to stay home

As an employer you have an obligation to keep your employees safe in a time like this. If you have an unwell employee, encourage them to stay home. If they insist they are fine to work, perhaps be flexible and allow them to work from home for a few days. The most important thing is ensuring you are containing any virus as best as possible and keeping your other employees safe.

5. Buy now, enjoy later

Small businesses are the ones who are going to be drastically affected by the coronavirus panic. People are going to slowly stop eating and drinking out and buying nonessential items. To help our favourite local shops, buy a gift card from them and use it in a few months when you actually need to. This will give back to your favourite local hotspots and give them some more cash in the bank now to help get through the tough times that may be coming.

6. Manage anxiety and stress

I’m not sure about you, but the more everyone panics - the more anxious I get. Last week I got so concerned about food shopping (because I couldn’t access my usual necessities) that I spent $500 on online food shopping for items I have never needed before… #whatwasithinking?! I had to bring myself back down to earth and realise that I only panic bought because everyone else was. Now I’m trying to avoid the shops as much as possible, and only buying what I need.

I think it’s also important to try not to follow the media all day every day. My feeds are overwhelmed with information about the virus and it’s making me feel incredibly anxious and uncomfortable. Although it’s important to keep up to date, it’s also important to keep carrying on for the time being!


7. Take care of your loved ones

My family is banding together during this time. Bless my mother’s socks, she bought toilet paper to a restaurant last week to hand around to the family to make sure we all had at least one roll #sharingthelove!

We’ve also put my grandad on house arrest to reduce the risk of him being exposed to the virus. He’s not happy with us but does know it’s vital for his health! Make sure you take care of those around you, especially people who may not be able to take care of themselves during this time.


Stay safe, healthy and level-headed during this time… and don’t forget to wash your hands!


Written by Marketing Executive Abbey at Harby Studios.


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