How you can be more efficient at work

I’m sure everyone would like to be more efficient in the workplace. Being efficient can result in less time on the boring stuff and more time on the fun stuff. Efficient people manage their time well, so they have more freedom to spend time on what they enjoy, rather than the mundane tasks. Here are six ways that you can have high efficiency in the workplace.

1. Don’t multitask

Efficient people know that the more focus and effort they put into one task, leads to higher productivity, and most likely finishing the task faster, so they can move on to the next.

2. Delegate

Are you taking on more than you can chew? Productivity can actually be reduced when you take on too much. It’s best not to compare yourself to a boss or manager that takes on a high workload, because chances are, they’re working non-stop to get the job done. Really efficient people are the ones who can see they’ve taken on too much, and delegate tasks to others that are capable of handling more work.

3. Communicate effectively

Communication at work is key. If you’re busy and send a fast email with unclear instructions or a bad attitude, you’re actually likely adding unnecessary time onto the job. Think about your communication before proceeding. If it’s going to be clearer speaking to the person face to face or over the phone, do that instead of wasting time sending an email that’s going to cause more confusion.

4. Everything needs to have a place

Have you ever wasted time looking for a file, or important document and not been able to find where you’ve put it? Yes, me too! Looking for things can cause distraction and frustration, especially if you need it to complete a task. Establish a place for everything you have, that way you will know exactly where they are when you need them.

5. Time activities

This is an important point as it will show you and your employees how productive you are, and how much time is wasted. If you want to be efficient, you should set a time limit for each task, you’ll keep to your schedule and waste less time. Accountability will also be held for each individual.

6. Use your free time

Tired and overworked? Chances are you’re not performing well because of it. Getting rest and downtime can help you perform at your best. Take time out and relax, it will boost your productivity and efficiency.

Implement these tips and you will surprise yourself on how much your productivity will increase! Happy organising!


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Written by Marketing Coordinator Abbey Ross at Harby Studios

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