Give your sporting gear a second chance!

How can you help our kids stay active?

So often when we stop playing sports, our sporting equipment is left in the shed, or deep in our closets for months, even years. So why not donate your preloved sporting equipment to someone who can use and love it, just as much as you once did! Fair Game Australia is here for exactly this.

If you, a friend or a family member have participated in individual or team sports, then we need you! Fair Game Charity is providing unique health and fitness programs with your recycled equipment to help build activities in under-serviced communities and encourage children to live healthy lifestyles. Offering a “recycle and donate” program, Fair Game Australia are giving you the opportunity to give your used equipment a second shot!

Fair Game’s Recycle & Donate program collects pre-loved sports equipment and distributes it in response to specific requests from communities, not for profits and community led clubs, to remove barriers to participation in sport and fitness activities.

Items should be clean and in good useable condition.

From Humble Beginnings

Dr John Van Bockxmeer founded Fair Game charity in 2010 whilst interning at an outback Australian hospital. Since its inception, Fair Game Australia has grown to distribute over 40,000 recycled items to lower socioeconomic communities – having a wonderful impact on our community.

Why get involved?

Your involvement in this charity will completely change a child’s life. For most of us, sports is a privilege we forget we have.63% of people living in the lowest socioeconomic areas don’t have adequate daily physical activity – this can be mentally and physically harming! With your help, Fair Game continues to inspire young Australian’s to be active and reduce waste by recycling your pre-loved sports equipment.

Benefits of the Recycle & Donate program include participation in community sports increases social inclusion and strengthens community

How to get involved?

Join us in clearing out our cupboards for a good cause!

Leeder House & Co is organising a drop-off point for your pre-loved equipment. We will be collecting donations between 24 July and 13 August 2021. If you’d like to join us in donating, feel free to add your reused and clean equipment to our drop-off basket or the blue tub in the hallway at Leeder House & Co, or make a donation via . You can find us at 220 Carr Place, Leederville.

Anyone can get involved! Jump on board with Leeder House & Co, O2 Active and Green Horizons.

Donate today!

What to donate:

Please note that Fair Game Australia are currently not accepting clothing and all items must be cleaned before donating.

Physical activity plays a huge role in the growth of individuals and communities! By donating and giving your unwanted items a second chance, you’re Increasing accessibility to fitness activities which improves health outcomes. Sports has a great impact on the community, providing social benefits and cognitive skills, reducing crime, increasing social-inclusion and cohesion.

If you would like to get involved, please email us or find us on Instagram @Leederhouse. So, what are you waiting for…Dive into your cupboards and grab your used sporting equipment today.

Written by Marketing Intern Chessy Kohlen at Harby Studios.


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