5 ways to incorporate workplace wellness

Is your workplace interested in offering health and wellness activities to support your team members? Check out our top 5 ways to facilitate movement below!

Yoga/Pilates/Stretching Classes

Incorporating yoga, pilates or stretching as a lunchtime class at the office is a great way to get your employees moving. The Journal of Physical Therapy Science released a study that found such exercise programs can help with posture correction, for further information click here!

10-minute Massage

Who doesn’t love a quick massage? One way to incorporate this is to book a massage therapist and make use of any available meeting rooms. The therapist can then set up their table and create a relaxing space for employees to enjoy. Alternatively, you can ask the massage therapist to go from desk to desk, offering employees a head, neck, and shoulder massage.

Quick Group Meditation

The research team behind popular meditation app, Headspace, found that meditation not only reduces stress but also improves job satisfaction. Why not try introducing mindfulness Mondays, where your team could gather for a 5-to-10-minute group meditation to start the day? Meditation can be done seated or lying down and can either be led by a coach or simply by one of the many applications available.

Hit a Gym Class Together

study conducted at Bristol University found that exercise boosted workplace performance by a significant 21% and saw an increase in employee tolerance and resilience. Take advantage of local gyms and organise a weekly sweat date. Most gyms will offer open level classes that include HIIT, weights, spin and dance and offer shower and change rooms.

Healthy Catering

Whether it’s a breakfast meeting or a two-day workshop, consider reaching out to a catering company that offers healthy, whole foods-based meals. Depending on what time of the year, summer-inspired meals could include fresh salads, rice paper rolls and fruit juices. For some healthy winter, options try warming foods such as chickpea curry, hot porridge, or pumpkin soup.


Written by Marketing Intern Viola Ribul at Harby Studios.

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